Brooks Clay and Feathers Club

Brooks Clay and Feathers Club
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Alberta T1R1B5 Canada
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Welcome to the Brooks Clays and Feathers Club Some shooters compare the experience of shooting this range to golfing with a shotgun. Both challenging and enjoyable to shoot. The mile and a half Sporting Clays Range can be walked or traveled in one of the thirty shooting carts available to rent. The club also has four standard american trap layouts, which are equipped with voice command systems.

The Sporting Clays Range consists of twentyfour stations, which will give a shooter a wide range of different target presentations, which simulate shotgun game hunting. Stations 17 & 18 are but two of the interesting sporting clays stations on the range. The rowboat, nicknamed "Honky Dory", is station 17. This mechanical rowboat automatically goes into wave induced motion as soon as shooters sit down on the boat seat to shoot their targets. The duck tower the clubs flagpole, is station 18. This converted oil field service rig elevates a trap machine and house, some twenty meters in the air, to throw clay targets for the shooters. The Service rig also has a bank of floodlights mounted 5 meters above ground, which serves to light one of the American trap layouts for night shooting.

The GenTwo Sporting Clays Trap controllers enable trap releases of standard trap presentations along with integrated sporting clay pair presentations (i.e. report, following and true pairs). All pairs can be pre-programmed to include delays or release simultaneously. A multitude of combinations are available with this unit to provide unlimited timed presentations.

Sporting clays shooting is fast becoming the most popular form of shotgun shooting recreation. The Alberta Sporting Clays Association governs and promotes the sport in Alberta. The association is very dedicated to the development of the sport at all levels of participation and to create an atmosphere of healthy and safe competition and meaningful fellowship for its membership. The association has over 400 registered shooters, but you dont have to be a registered shooter to shoot in one of their tournaments. There are ten registered Sporting Clays ranges in Alberta, which host over 40 shooots annually.

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