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AHA PROVINCIAL AIRGUN CHAMPIONSHIPS                                                                                                SPONSOR: ALBERTA HANDGUN ASSOCIATION

DATE:                                      January 17-19, 2014

Location:                                Sylvan Lake Community Centre

                                                4725 – 43 Street, Sylvan Lake Alberta

Range Facilities:                    Megalink electronic scoring. 27 positions

Rules:                                      SFC and ISSF rules will apply. SFC Classification system will be used and proof of                                                                                            classification will be required at registration. It is the responsibility of all participants to

be familiar with the current ISSF rules.

                                                It is the responsibility of the shooter and the coach to ensure that all shooter                                                                                   information is correct and up to date.

                                                NO changes will be made after the posting of the second qualifier scores.


                                                IF a shooter who won a position on the finals DOES NOT SHOW FOR

                                                THE FINALS, they are no longer eligible for awards in any class.

Eligibility:                                Membership in your respective provincial organization.

Air Guns:                                 All equipment must meet ISSF specifications when checked during the competition.

Course of Fire:                        Men & Jr. Male -two 60-shot matches -Aggregate of 120 shots

                                                Women & Jr. Women -two 40-shot matches -Aggregate of 80

RELAYS:                                   RELAY A: ____   Saturday 09:00 and 13:30

                                                RELAY B: ____   Saturday 11:00 and 15:30

Registration:                          Friday. :   Range Set Up & Registration gun check & Practice              16:00 – 19:00

                                                Saturday: Registration and gun check                                                    0800 – 10:00

Finals:                                     Sunday    09:00 AM – FINALS – PISTOL FINALS COMMENCE

                                                                                       JR MEN/MEN/JR WOMEN/WOMEN

                                                               11:00 AM – FINALS – RIFLE FINALS COMMENCE

                                                                                       JR MEN/MEN/JR WOMEN/WOMEN

Challenges:                             $25.00 Challenge fee

Awards:                                   Provincial Champions, 2nd & 3rd place for open. Class metals for event. If fewer than 2 registrants, those competitors will be moved to the next highest class.

Inquiries:                Contact   Shevon Medicraft at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it or mail 5349 – 42A Avenue, Red Deer, AB T4N 3A6 or

AHA c/o CRPC, 1910 39 Avenue N.E., Calgary, Alberta T2E 7Y9

Match Director                       Gail Garrett

Jr Classes: International Juniors are between 18 yrs and 20 years as of December 31, of the year of the competition. Juniors are between 16 and 18 years as of December 31, of the year of competition, and Sub-Juniors are under 16 as of December 31, of the year of competition.

NOTE: Junior Air Pistol shooter, this is a selection match for the 2015 CWG, top 5 boys and 5 girls will be chosen to proceed to next selection match, Maple Leaf Open 2014 when lowest female and male shooters will be eliminated.

*The organizing committee reserves the right to modify the rules and procedures dependent upon conditions.*                          





(Payment preferred with Registration to guarantee requested relay, registrations will be accepted on site if positions available)

COMPETITOR NAME _________________________________________________________

ADDRESS __________________________________      CITY _________________________

PROV/STATE _________ POSTAL CODE_____________   PHONE NUMBER:______________

Junior Birth date: ______________ Male: ___ Woman: ___

Email: _______________________________

SFC Classification (please circle):     MA-----EX ------SS -------MK ------VET-----Int.Jr.------Jr.-------Sub Jr.-----

NB: If registering as a junior: Date of birth: ____(day) ____(month) _____(year)

Match Fees:                            Please circle Men, Women or Junior and enter Entry Fee on blank line.


                                                RELAY A: ____   Saturday 0900 and 13:30 --------------------------___ ---Pistol ___ Rifle ___

                                                RELAY B: ____   Saturday 11:00 and 15:30 -------------------------___ ---Pistol ___ Rifle ___

ADULT                     men / women ---pistol / rifle                                                               $70.00 $___________

JUNIOR   male / female ---pistol / rifle                                                                                                $65.00 $ ___________

Compulsory Fees: AHA Dev/SFC insurance                                                                            $ 7.00 $  __7.00 ____

Compulsory Range Fee                                                                                                           $ 8.00   $ __8.00___

2014: AHA Membership                           Junior $ 30.00         Adult $35.00                                     $ ___________

Total Match and Membership fees .............................................                                                       $ ___________

AHA Membership # __________                         SFC Membership # ____________

“The organizing committee reserves the right to modify the rules and procedures dependent upon conditions.”

Annual General Meeting to be held January 18, 2014 after last relay approx 6:00. Agenda will be sent separately.

Accommodations: special rate $50.00 – Raccoon Lodge Motel -4515 Lake Shore Drive, 403-887-5423 – Sylvan Lake (mention AHA for special rate)   Red Deer is 20 minutes from Sylvan Lake.

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The ISSF Rulebook has been updated. The new rulebook can be downloaded by clicking on the icon on the main page of the website.

Here is a link to a summary of the rule changes incorporated in the updated rulebook:

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