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This year the Edmonton Gun Club is holding its sixth annual charity event" Shoot for the Stollery"






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Bull River Shooters Host Annual Invitational Match over Victoria Day Weekend

May 21 ~ 24, 2016

The Bull River Shooters were excited to host our annual invitational match over the Victoria Day Weekend at our range near Ft Steele.  99 small bore rifles (.22LR) and 61 high power rifles (6mm +) were used by shooters from all over BC, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Northwest Territory, Montana and Washington.  Participants shot at steel targets representing chickens, pigs, turkeys and rams!  Competitors shot from an unsupported standing position and targets are 40 – 100 meters away for .22’s and 200 – 500 meters for high-power rifles. 

Thanks to the efforts of club members the range and grounds were in excellent shape and our tremendous club spirit was evident throughout the weekend.  This match is a highlight of the year for many shooters and their families, seeing generations of participants.  We would like to acknowledge the excellent community support we receive in the way of door prizes and services, making our guests feel very welcome.  Club members step up to make this event so successful by soliciting prizes, organizing awards, running an amazing canteen all 4 days, coordinating pre-registrations and keeping the stats accurate and on time, directing the matches and keeping all safe at the range,  setting the targets between  rounds of shooting and keeping the facilities clean.  It is a source of pride for our club to run such a top notch event and we believe this spirit is why our club continues to grow.



          .22 Silhouette Rifle:

  • Champion                                            Eric Boos, Washington
  • Master 1st                                            Keith Cairns, Washington
  • AAA 1st                                               Jason Marsh, Cranbrook
  • AA 1st                                                 Brad Woods, Kimberley
  • A 1st                                                   Bill Leeper, Baynes Lake
  • B 1st                                                   Jonathon Rochele, Yellowknife
  • Top Junior                                           Kalvin Marsh, Cranbrook
  • Top Lady                                             Kaitlyn Johnson, Cranbrook
  • Top Senior                                          George Kesic, Surrey
    • .22 Hunting Rifle:
  • Champion                                           Eric Boos, Washington
  • Master 1st                                           Kalvin Marsh, Cranbrook
  • AAA 1st                                               Kaitlyn Johnson, Cranbrook
  • AA 1st                                                 Dale Reiten, Penticton
  • A 1st                                                   Bill Leeper, Baynes Lake
  • B 1st                                                   John LeBlanc, Calgary
  • Top Junior                                           Kalvin Marsh, Cranbrook
  • Top Lady                                             Kaitlyn Johnson, Cranbrook
  • Top Senior                                          George Kesic, Surrey
    • High Power Silhouette Rifle:
  • Champion                                           Kalvin Marsh, Cranbrook
  • Master 1st                                           Eric Boos, Washington
  • AAA 1st                                               Phil Zelenka, Calgary
  • AA 1st                                                 Pat Cooper, Edmonton
  • A 1st                                                   Mike Rutherford, Prince George  
  • B 1st                                                   Bill Leeper, Baynes Lake
  • Top Junior                                           Kalvin Marsh, Cranbrook
  • Top Lady                                             Trudy Phillips, Wasa
  • Top Senior                                          George Kesic, Surrey
    • High Power Hunting Rifle:
  • Champion                                          Eric Boos, WA
  • Master 1st                                           Kalvin Marsh, Cranbrook
  • AAA 1st                                              Terry Kien, Montana
  • AA 1st                                                 Phil Zelenka, Calgary
  • A 1st                                                   Oliver Graham, Cranbrook
  • B 1st                                                   John Bertrand, Edmonton
  • Top Junior                                           Kalvin Marsh, Cranbrook
  • Top Lady                                            Kelly Pierce, Yellowknife
  • Top Senior                                          George Kesic, Surrey

The BRSA is very proud of all its members and their own personal accomplishments during this competition.  Congratulations to members and guests for putting forth your best effort.  We would especially like to compliment Kalvin Marsh whose meteoric rise has been nothing but astounding.  During the weekend, BC Target Sports Silhouette Director Don Reeves presented Kalvin with his small bore Grand Slam pin which recognizes a shooter for having shot 10 in a row of each target.  This is a much coveted prize in our sport.  We are all waiting anxiously to see Kalvin do this all in one match, scoring 40/40, a feat only accomplished once in Canada (by Jim Zimmerman, at our range!) and just a handful of times elsewhere. 

Metallic silhouette shooting is great fun and very social and family oriented.  Safety and good sportsmanship are paramount.  It is also very challenging which makes it satisfying to hear the clank of the steel target as it gets knocked down!  Spectators enjoy the sport because they see and hear the targets react.  New shooters are always welcome and everyone is willing to help others improve.  A wealth of information can be found on the Internet.  For memberships and information about the BRSA please contact Jeramey Marsh at 250-420-7302. Memberships can also be purchased at any club match.  Anyone is welcome to enter a club match and spectators are always welcome!  We look forward to seeing you at the range.  Our next match is June 18th… check it out!  Also check out our brand new Facebook profile page (Thanks Jordan Marsh for building and monitoring this)

Bradley Woods


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