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Alberta Smallbore Rifle Association

The Alberta Smallbore Rifle Association (ASRA) is a registered, not-for-profit amateur sports organization representing and serving rifle target shooters throughout the province.

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The membership consists of individuals and clubs interested in furthering the target sports as a safe, fun, recreational and competitive sport and to improve the public acceptance of target shooting sports.  The disciplines we cover are Air Rifle and .22 Smallbore Target Rifle (match rifle, 3-position rifle and sporting rifle).  The sport sets no limits for those who are involved. Some want only an hour or so of recreation per week while others seek Olympic Gold Medals.  Youths, adults and the seniors all participate throughout the province.

Target Shooting is a late specialization sport, which means that participants tend to enter the sport in their teenage years and may attain peak performances as adults.  While most sports rely heavily on physical fitness, size and speed, shooting remains a contest of skill and precision: fine motors skills and focused mental acuity.  Although physical conditioning plays a large part in success on the shooting range, mental preparation is the most important factor for shooters, who must remain calm and completely focused on their targets under the enormous pressure of competition if they wish to excel.  Male and female, able bodied and disabled athletes, all enjoy shooting sports.  Target shooting is a year round recreation sport, outdoors in the summer and indoors in the winter with Clubs located throughout the province.  It is a contest of skill and precision.  As with most sports today, you can spend a lot of money, and therefore ASRA has purchased equipment to loan to juniors to keep the cost reasonable.  Most clubs also have equipment to lend beginners to help them get started.  If you would like to enter a competition, a classification system is used which assures that the thrill of winning is available to everyone, so you are competing against others of similar and known ability.  ASRA is supported by the Alberta Federation of Shooting Sports and the Province of Alberta, Ministry of Tourism, Parks and Recreation.


Objectives of The Alberta Smallbore Rifle Association (ASRA): 

  • The promotion of .22 smallbore match rifle, sporting rifle & air rifle target shooting in Alberta;
  • The development of target shooting athletes, coaches & officials in Alberta;
  • Organize annual provincial match rifle, air rifle & sporting rifle championship competitions;
  • Organize provincial teams to represent AB at Canada Winter Games & National Championships;
  • Organize zone coaches to promote the sport of smallbore target shooting across the province.


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