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International Practical Shooting Confederation


The motto for IPSC was introduced to reflect the balanced objective.
The motto - DVC - is Diligentia, Vis , Celeritas (Accuracy, Power, and Speed)

What is IPSC Shooting?

IPSC is a fairly new style of shooting which began in California in the early 1950's. This style of shooting caught on quickly and spread throughout the world including the continents of Europe , Australia , Central America , South America and Africa . Today IPSC is represented in over sixty countries around the world and every year the elected representatives meet at the IPSC General Assembly.

The first IPSC organization was founded in Columbia , Missouri in May 1976, under the name International Pistol Conference. The first ideas of IPSC have always been to promote accuracy, power and speed as three equal elements. They also included the importance of procedures and rules for safe gun handling. When a constitution was established, the confederation was born adopting the motto DVC- Diligentia (accuracy), Vis (power), Celeritas (speed).

ISPC shooting includes shooter movement, drawing guns from the holster, moving targets, multiple targets, and problem solving with each individual course design.

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